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Happy New Year! Hope everyone entered the year on a positive note and wish everyone, a fantastic 2020! I’m just happy I restarted my blog with the all-new site! It’s been way too long! Hopefully, you’ll enjoy my postings!

Now… New Years Resolutons… I’m totally against them. I think if you’re of the mentality that you want to wait until the New Year to start something, something important, that you were never really committed to the idea to begin with. If something is important. Your diet. Your career. Anything. Start now!

On top of this, people make the goal almost impossible. Lose 30lbs. Gain 20,000 followers on their Instagram. Make an extra 200% in income. Well, maybe not impossible. But it just takes an incredible amount of energy. Everyday. You’d probably go crazy if you actually accomplished it. Miserable. But if you had this kind of determination already, you wouldn’t have waited to start on your goal. But you want to know one of the all-time secrets to success? It doesn’t require talent. Doesn’t require money. Doesn’t require an amazing personal network.

Persistence. Hard work. Some days, an insane amount of work. Day in. Day out. Every day. Not quitting. There is one example in particular that I love to remind myself on how it’s done.

There was this Latino, immigrant family that used to live next to my parent’s house. Incredibly nice people. No education but plenty of drive. The sons opened a taqueria. Some little hole in the wall to sell cheap tacos and burritos. Day in. Day out. All day.

I’d go over to their taqueria once in a while. The whole family would be working there in some capacity. Making tacos. Working the cash register. Cleaning. During lunch, you had to wait 5 – 10 minutes to get your order. People will wait for great, cheap food and good service. And friendly too! Working often an insane number of hours….

Then they moved into a bigger, nicer location and sold more. Still super busy. Still friendly. A line to order would form. Especially during lunch. Still. They hired more people to increase the volume of food sold. Then, they opened more and more locations. Still the same formula. Doing the same thing every day. No fancy marketing plan. No social media. No specials. Nothing. Just great food. Great pricing. Great and friendly service. People taking their friends to this great place they know.

Now, they live in a mansion in the most expensive cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Yes. Surrounded by masters of industry in biotech, computer systems, Internet, realty. People with 100x their education. A million times more wealth than what they started with. A personal network that started at the prestigious, exclusive prep school they went to when they were just starting to learn how to speak. 

And they did it by making tacos…

But it didn’t happen overnight. It didn’t happen over the course of 2 years. 5 years. 10 years. It took a solid 15 years to make it. Day in. Day out. And God knows they had lots of difficulties along the way. They probably met people they wish they never met. But they never quit.

And I know plenty of people with similar stories….

There are plenty of stories of celebrities that went through years of hardship to make it where they are. The list is enormous. In fact, I don’t know any huge star today that didn’t have lots to endure along the way. Name them: Tom Cruise. Taylor Swift. Denzel Washington, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Titans in entertainment. I mean, I remember Tom Cruise had this tiny, little, forgettable role in a forgettable movie. I remember seeing a Youtube video with a young Taylor Swift singing at a country fair. Did you know Morgan Freeman was a struggling theater actor for 20 years before he made it big? They improved in their work. Became stronger mentally. Learned lots of life lessons. They never quit. Endured. Day in. Day out. For years.

They didn’t wait until the New Year to start anything. They just did it. Now! Make 2020 really count!

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  • Margie Graddicks
    Posted at 00:11h, 19 January Reply

    I love this, it pushes me to do more. I’m truly inspired by this story.

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