I’ve been chatting quite a bit about the new Mac Pro from Apple. Many have been waiting years for Apple to come out with a new Mac Pro. The question is: Does it live up to it’s hype?

First off, I think it’s an amazing design. Some people call it “The Trash Can”. I’ve read and heard that a lot. I guess it resembles one. But it’s one sleek looking trash can! I think all the internal components look to be first class. Definitely top notch. According to Geekbench 64-bit multicore scores, the only 4-core Mac that beats the new Mac Pro is the top-end 27″ iMac. And the only thing that beats the 6-core Mac Pro are the older TWELVE CORE Mac Pros. And it’s not far behind!

And this is just the processor.

All the components are built for speed. Preliminary speed test put the PCIe based mSATA internal drive to be 50% faster in write scores and 100% faster in Read scores than your typical speed high-speed SSDs!  Dual video GPUs.  Port expansion galore! Let’s talk about that for a moment.

I’ve heard people complain that all upgradeability is external and that everything should be internal in a workstation machine like the Mac Pro. I disagree. With Thunderbolt 2, you are not being tied down to future technology by having it fit into the Mac Pro. No special slots needed. If you want to expand, all it needs is a Thunderbolt connection. Okay, external enclosures are kind of a drag. But if you have this computer, you probably have a big monitor or two on your desk. Those enclosures will easily hide behind the monitor. So how about what you CAN upgrade in the Mac Pro?

I was a little nervous about this part. I use a little Mac Mini. Hey, it’s all I can afford! But it works amazingly well with a Samsung 250MB SSD and 16GB of RAM. I can run Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom with no problem at all. But upgrading the hard drive was a PAIN! It must have taken a total of two hours to complete the job. It was not easy getting to the drive and removing it. Forget about adding a second drive to it. You need a special $50 kit and must be ordered! Seriously, that kit should cost no more that $20. It’s a simple hard drive ribbon and grommets.

But as this excellent video shows,  created by DetroitBORG on YouTube, it’s a piece of cake to upgrade the Mac Pro! Taking off the cover is a simple one-button flip. Upgrading memory and the mSATA drive is incredibly simple. Even the CPU appears to be socketed. Meaning you can get a faster CPU later if you want. You can do this all by yourself! Seriously easy.

Now, this is all fine and dandy. How about some hands-on? Well, I got some of that for you too!  How about including that in Part II of this blog series? Next week!

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