Berlin and Paris Fashion Weeks 2015

Honestly, I haven’t been in this business long enough to know the Fashion-European shows well. This may be my 2nd year that The fun thing is that I’m really going to try and follow most if not all of the fashion week shows all over the world. So Berlin and Paris were one and two this year. Originally, this was going to be one post for both shows… But Paris Fashion Week is so HUGE and it’s STILL going on! I’ll post a wrap-up on it next week.

Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week 2015 - Crazy Makeup for Maybelline - By  Caroline Torbahn

Berlin Fashion Week 2015 – Crazy Makeup for Maybelline – By Caroline Torbahn

While I have seen some images from Berlin Fashion Week, it’s quite scarce that I see much regularly especially on Instagram which is my main haunt. So I go into Berlin Fashion Week quite blind as to what to expect. Which is cool but also frustrating, as I don’t have any favorite designers yet. I’m still not sure if I found a favorite designer, but there were some incredibly interesting and creative costumes! Speaking of…

I though this mask was mind-blowing! I saw the construction of it. Basically a shell and the white area around the eyes is purely makeup. Amazing! The mask work was done by Caroline Torbahn who is a Hair and Makeup Artist and I believe it was for Maybelline. Check out her Instagram profile for some more images. She’s a bit of a comedian so she’s extra fun!

Iconic Fashion Show Image

Iconic Fashion Show Image

There are certain images that look iconic. The contrasty black and white: classic. Gown: beautiful. One of those images where I wish I knew who the photographer was! Fantastic! One thing I appreciate about the Berlin show: Much less use of cell phones during the show. Amen! Most images I saw from the shows only show a handful of people using their cell phones. I get it that someone wants to get an image. But the use of the cell phone takes away from the experience of the show in my opinion. Just say ‘No’ LOL!

Black Blouse and Colored Skirt - Marc Cain Show

Black Blouse and Colored Skirt – Marc Cain Show

When I saw this image… I thought “Wow!” Many people would say “It’s just a black top and colored skirt.” I’m sure it was brutal to get the colors and patterns down in the skirt. I’m not the most articulate, but I came up with a quote about the skirt that I’m quite proud of: I think the illusion of simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

Simple? Don’t know. But if you didn’t know, I love the color white on a woman and this is perfect! Lines to emphasize her curves. This model looks awfully familiar to me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the designer for the gown. Folks, please tag the designer! Can someone tell me who the designer and model are?

Model in White Gown

Model in White Gown

Smiles! You can’t help but smile during and in-between shows. Fashion shows are just crazy fun! And really, they need to be for the amount of work that goes into them. Shows are super-stressful. You’re running at 100mph during the show to get everything running smoothly. Don’t even talk to me about what a photographer goes through during a fashion show!

Bloggers from Mummy Magazine - Smiles!

Bloggers from Mummy Magazine – Smiles!

First up is Mummy Magazine in Germany. They are “A Mother’s and Children’s Lifestyle Blog”. What a great idea! But I wonder: Were these ladies all a previous Miss Germany? And funny! I expect nothing less from German ladies! Never met one that wasn’t completely cool and awesome!

Singer Luca Vasta and Friend

Singer Luca Vasta and Friend

Next up: celebrities. Well, she’s up and coming: Luca Vasta. German singer I’m assuming as she’s just released her first album. Definitely check out her Instagram profile. She’s FUNNY! I especially enjoy Instagram profiles that don’t look like they are run by a marketing team. I love her quirkiness.

MISS magazine Editor Lucia Muhr and Designer Rebekka Ruetz

MISS magazine Editor Lucia Muhr and Designer Rebekka Ruetz

Here is MISS Magazine Editor Lucia Muhr with Designer Rebecca Ruetz. Finally an image with a designer! I have to say, MISS magazine is quite interesting. Check it out. Here is some information about Designer Rebecca Ruetz. Damn, I found out she was born the year I graduated High School! I’m young at heart though!

Model on the Runway with Amazing Headpiece - From Designer Alexis Mabille

Model on the Runway with Amazing Headpiece – From Designer Alexis Mabille

Let’s end Berlin with this.. Blew me away! From Aleix Mabille. But I couldn’t find him on the Fashion Week Designer page listing.

First, I love the gown. It’s dreamy. But what really took it to the next level was the headpiece. It reminds me of branches that were frozen while they were blowing.


While I did see what some of my preconceptions about Berlin, there were also lots of great surprises. Especially the pieces that were artsy and dreamy. I’m sorry I can’t cover it more thoroughly. But there are over 40 designers!!! I definitely need to see Berlin Fashion Week. Love you Berlin!

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