At some level, these videos are somehow connected to my craft. Some are beautifully made. Some are educational. And some represent a milestone in history. Some: the dream…. Music Video: George Michael – Freedom The peak of the Super Model era. George Michael was at the height of his popularity. […]

Education and Experience: Always For as long as I can remember, I’ve been insatiably curious. I’m either reading, tinkering or physically-experiencing something when something interests me. Then I’ll just dive into it and decide whether it’s worth pursuing or not. I’m a bit fearless in that respect. Or naïve! I […]

New York Fashion Week – Fall Winter 2018 This was a different season for me. Simply, I only attended 3 days worth of events. I’ve been so busy with my fashion-photography work and getting squared away with that, covering New York Fashion Week just wasn’t as big a priority. It […]

Welcome to my Christmas Wish List for 2017! It’s my silly annual which I consider more of a wish list-top gear review. Certainly goals and some things are much more important than others. For now, I’m doing alright with what I have. Seems like most people simply want to get […]

It was quite coincidental that I wanted to publish this article on the biggest shopping day of the year about GAS: Gear Acquisition Syndrome. It’s usually but not always accompanied by is partner in crime: hype. What is GAS? GAS is a phenomenon well known and talked about in the […]

New York Fashion Week craziness is over! Another season! I say with a bit of melancholy. It’s exciting. It’s fun. The people you get to meet. And a new goal has been achieved! But it can be nutty. And frustrating. The Fun I love fashion. It’s always been there. I used […]