iOS vs. Android in Photography Been done to death? I don’t even like ‘Versus’ articles usually. I usually think they are dumb and pointless. Because if two things items are comparable, then they are probably good for two different types of people. But this is different. Especially when it concerns […]

The Apple Mac Pro “How it could work for you”. The final installment of the 3-part series that I only intended to be only one posting! I intended this posting to be released last week. But I really had lots to think about it. Who really benefits from a machine like this. […]

I heard an established photographer during a presentation say “I don’t believe in bad light. I just think the photographer is not inspired!” I have to say, I’m with that photographer. Though the first time I was forced to do a shoot in the bright sunlight, it was a disaster! […]

January 2013 Photography Blog Posting Happy New Year! I want to wish everyone the best for 2014! May your goals and dreams become a reality! I know everyone’s all charged-up and reflecting on 2013 and seeing what they did that they could have done better, more of, or not at all. […]

Producing a Photoshoot – The Final In some ways, this can be the hardest part of the whole process.  At least for me it is. The first part:  planning.  It’s creative.  Yes, there is project management involved.  The manifestation of your vision.  Planning.  Wardrobe and props.  Putting the team together. […]