SmugMug Has a New Look! It’s been over a decade since SmugMug has made any changes to their website.  Can you imagine?  What has remained the same for a decade?  The Mac interface and….  You know they had a well designed website from the beginning to have lasted this long […]

Have you seen the new SmugMug?  It’s pretty darn amazing!  I HAVE to do a write-up of my initial impressions of it.  Check my write-up on Thursday!

Have you heard about my Crazy Casting Call story?  It’s about the 2nd vintage photoshoot which was themed “The Icy Blonde”.  I really didn’t have much experience with casting calls only having done one before.  All I put down in the casting call was:  5’7″+ female and blonde.  It was […]


Successful Photographers on “Making it” – Part II

One of my last postings was about successful photographers discussing how ‘They made it”.  Meaning recognition, respect and a successful business.  If you haven’t seen the video they made, it’s up at the top of the page… I really appreciated the video.  It humanizes many of these photographers as they […]

The Canon EOS 70D has been one of the most anticipated cameras by Canon photographers for the last year.  Why? The EOS XXD series cameras are the middle-range of Canon’s line of EOS cameras.  Usually referred to as their Prosumer line with some features found on their professional line incorporated […]


Successful Photographers on “Making it”

I love Flipboard for the iPad…  It makes it easy to find information that just takes so long via a browser…  Which is how I found today’s featured video:  Successful Photographers – Making It. The video was produced by Lee Morris and Patrick Hall of Fstoppers at Gulf Photo Plus in […]

So after much research and hesitantly pulling the trigger on purchasing the Phottix Odin for Canon system…  Two months later, I couldn’t be happier with the remote-flash triggering system! No system was off the table when I was doing my research.  I wanted the best system FOR ME.  And the […]

Okay, so my Phottix Odin review didn’t happen on Thursday…  I haven’t been sleeping well due to my anxiety over my photoshoots next week…  So I’ve been sleeping whenever I can. But it’s done and you’ll have something good to in addition to enjoying your lunch…  Well, at least for […]

Went Salsa dancing last night. It was a cold Tuesday night so I had my doubts about the crowd. Especially in San Francisco. Weather gets a little cold, women stay home. There were enough cars parked at the venue. Good sign. Walked in. $10. Reasonable cover. The music I was […]