Hopefully, you packed everything the night before or even better:  you packed everything in the car and all you have to do is start driving.  But let’s get real..  You probably have to load the car!  So get to it. I think using an electronic tablet is the best thing […]

Producing a Photoshoot!  Part I If you have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish, everything just falls into place.  Models, gear, location, Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist…  You pretty much know what you need.  At least in terms of gear.  But how do you get there? Now, […]

SmugMug Has a New Look! It’s been over a decade since SmugMug has made any changes to their website.  Can you imagine?  What has remained the same for a decade?  The Mac interface and….  You know they had a well designed website from the beginning to have lasted this long […]

Have you seen the new SmugMug?  It’s pretty darn amazing!  I HAVE to do a write-up of my initial impressions of it.  Check my write-up on Thursday!

Have you heard about my Crazy Casting Call story?  It’s about the 2nd vintage photoshoot which was themed “The Icy Blonde”.  I really didn’t have much experience with casting calls only having done one before.  All I put down in the casting call was:  5’7″+ female and blonde.  It was […]


Successful Photographers on “Making it” – Part II

One of my last postings was about successful photographers discussing how ‘They made it”.  Meaning recognition, respect and a successful business.  If you haven’t seen the video they made, it’s up at the top of the page… I really appreciated the video.  It humanizes many of these photographers as they […]

The Canon EOS 70D has been one of the most anticipated cameras by Canon photographers for the last year.  Why? The EOS XXD series cameras are the middle-range of Canon’s line of EOS cameras.  Usually referred to as their Prosumer line with some features found on their professional line incorporated […]


Successful Photographers on “Making it”

I love Flipboard for the iPad…  It makes it easy to find information that just takes so long via a browser…  Which is how I found today’s featured video:  Successful Photographers – Making It. The video was produced by Lee Morris and Patrick Hall of Fstoppers at Gulf Photo Plus in […]

So after much research and hesitantly pulling the trigger on purchasing the Phottix Odin for Canon system…  Two months later, I couldn’t be happier with the remote-flash triggering system! No system was off the table when I was doing my research.  I wanted the best system FOR ME.  And the […]