Okay, so my Phottix Odin review didn’t happen on Thursday…  I haven’t been sleeping well due to my anxiety over my photoshoots next week…  So I’ve been sleeping whenever I can. But it’s done and you’ll have something good to in addition to enjoying your lunch…  Well, at least for […]

Went Salsa dancing last night. It was a cold Tuesday night so I had my doubts about the crowd. Especially in San Francisco. Weather gets a little cold, women stay home. There were enough cars parked at the venue. Good sign. Walked in. $10. Reasonable cover. The music I was […]


Zeiss – The new nifty 50.. Or is it 55?

So you read my previous posting on my Zeiss 50mm and my history with Zeiss lenses.  Ever get that feeling when you try something that it’s a match for you?  That’s how I felt with Zeiss lenses.  It wasn’t about being expensive lenses and the build-quality..  When I was using […]



When I first started in photography and was deciding what gear I was going to get, a colleague and mentor Wayne Serrano told me that Zeiss was ‘it’ for fashion and beauty work.  “But they are manual focus only and primes…” I responded.  “Just give it a try…”  He responded […]

After much research, I decided on the Phottix Odin TTL Flash Trigger for Canon system. I felt the Phottix system had the least number of CONS against it. Lets get the three negatives out of the way: 1) Can’t mount a flash on the camera when the controller is attached. […]

Customer Service.  Why don’t companies get it? Earlier this week on my personal Facebook page I complained about some rather bad service I got while at a restaurant.  I had gone in there multiple times but I always felt that there was a bit of attitude whenever I ordered was […]

Gmail:  I love you, but you’ve been letting yourself go over the years… So I’ve been a Gmail user for years. It’s cheap for having a custom domain, reliable and accessible just about anywhere. Never let me down. But I just upgraded a hotmail.com account to outlook.com for free. Outlook.com […]

I was too exhausted to unload the car after yesterday’s photoshoot.  I just packed everything into whatever bag and case and left it for today.  Yesterday’s photoshoot just wiped me out! So I’m going through my bag and found the trigger that I left attached to my flash.  It was […]


A Professional’s Professional Photographer

I came upon this video that I thought was just the greatest to watch:  A professional photographer going through the process of a big photoshoot.  The video features David Thompson who is a British photographer who has photographed for several different Vogue and Marie Claire magazines in Europe.  If you […]