Welcome to my Christmas Wish List for 2017! It’s my silly annual which I consider more of a wish list-top gear review. Certainly goals and some things are much more important than others. For now, I’m doing alright with what I have. Seems like most people simply want to get […]

BE A PROFESSIONAL I have over 20 years in the computer field and most of that running my own business. By far the largest percentage of problems I’ve encountered are how people conduct business. It can be as something as simple as scheduling someone for some work or most likely, […]

You’ve seen the title of this article: Keep it Simple. Well, I’ve always been one to keep it as simple as possible. Not just in photography, but in life. Well, let’s add: making complexity and sophistication look simple is the greatest compliment. I mean, how often do you see people […]

I am so anti-New Years resolutions! Years ago, I simply stopped creating them. You always see it.. Everybody is like a bat out of hell trying to accomplish the absolutely humongous and unrealistic goals they’ve set out for themselves. People are over-posting images on Instagram or Tweeting every few minutes. […]