Photography & Technology Part 2.5; Data Storage For me, this was the most difficult part to write for this article series. There are so many options and in the last few months, the choices were tough. Until now. It’s not like a computer or monitor where you can play with […]

Computers and Photography. A three-part article describing a beginning, my own current setup and a bigger, more established future system for my fashion photography. Part II – My Current Photography-Computer Setup With my previous article you saw what I was using as my first photo-editing system I used. Considering what […]

With the number of technology-photography blog articles I have planned, I thought I really need to mix some purely-photography related ones as well. I mean, I’m a fashion photographer after all. Right? Though having been a technology guru for many years has certainly paid benefits! So I decided to write […]

Have you heard about my Crazy Casting Call story?  It’s about the 2nd vintage photoshoot which was themed “The Icy Blonde”.  I really didn’t have much experience with casting calls only having done one before.  All I put down in the casting call was:  5’7″+ female and blonde.  It was […]


Successful Photographers on “Making it”

I love Flipboard for the iPad…  It makes it easy to find information that just takes so long via a browser…  Which is how I found today’s featured video:  Successful Photographers – Making It. The video was produced by Lee Morris and Patrick Hall of Fstoppers at Gulf Photo Plus in […]

Went Salsa dancing last night. It was a cold Tuesday night so I had my doubts about the crowd. Especially in San Francisco. Weather gets a little cold, women stay home. There were enough cars parked at the venue. Good sign. Walked in. $10. Reasonable cover. The music I was […]

Customer Service.  Why don’t companies get it? Earlier this week on my personal Facebook page I complained about some rather bad service I got while at a restaurant.  I had gone in there multiple times but I always felt that there was a bit of attitude whenever I ordered was […]

So last weekend was a crazy one!  Several photoshoots and all the work to arrange them…  And that comes to the topic of this week’s blog posting… I’m new’ish to this biz and you would think the technical areas of photography would be the big hurdle to being a professional […]