What can happen in a few months…. I got to cover some of New York Fashion Week IN PERSON! I just moved to New York to further my fashion photography career and it just coincided with NYFW! Completely coincidental. The ball was more shot out of a cannon than simply roll. When […]

With the number of technology-photography blog articles I have planned, I thought I really need to mix some purely-photography related ones as well. I mean, I’m a fashion photographer after all. Right? Though having been a technology guru for many years has certainly paid benefits! So I decided to write […]


New York Fashion Week Fall & Winter 2015 – My Highlights

From what I’ve seen from the New York Fashion Week Fall & Winter 2015 show: absolutely fantastic! I’m not sure what it was this year that I feel have made it an especially good year. Two things that come to mind: better coverage and a great season for designers.  When […]

I will admit my ignorance: I thought fashion shows were based on the designer’s origin with the occasional outsider to mix it up. Was I wrong haha! After going through the designer listing for Paris Fashion Week, there are designers from all over the world! I think it’s also a status […]

Where do I start writing about Oscar de La Renta? How about when I first heard about him? I had been into my own personal clothing style at least from the age of 14. While my daily school attire was surfer-styled with checkered Vans, Levi’s 501s and t-shirts, I definitely […]