It was quite coincidental that I wanted to publish this article on the biggest shopping day of the year about GAS: Gear Acquisition Syndrome. It’s usually but not always accompanied by is partner in crime: hype. What is GAS? GAS is a phenomenon well known and talked about in the […]

Wow, has it been almost a year since I switched to mirrorless? In the Beginning On one hand, my experience with DSLR isn’t that much. After all, I only picked up my first DSLR 5 years prior to it. My first and most favorite DSLR was a Canon 50D. For […]

My my, how things have changed over the last year! I like to write this article every year for fun. I don’t really believe in exchanging gifts for Christmas except for very rare instances (parents, nieces & nephews). I’m all about sharing my time with friends, family and charity organizations […]

Going through magazines like Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire at the beginning of my fashion photographic journey, there was a particular image-style I liked. I thought the image-style had a realism that wasn’t found in other camera formats. I found out these images were done by photographers using Medium Format […]

I haven’t done this in years: A Christmas Wish List! With a surprise ending too! I’ve also wanted to do some sort of tech round up as well for a blog article. But honestly, I’m not about getting the newest and greatest gadget. I only upgrade when I need to. […]

The Canon EOS 70D has been one of the most anticipated cameras by Canon photographers for the last year.  Why? The EOS XXD series cameras are the middle-range of Canon’s line of EOS cameras.  Usually referred to as their Prosumer line with some features found on their professional line incorporated […]

So after much research and hesitantly pulling the trigger on purchasing the Phottix Odin for Canon system…  Two months later, I couldn’t be happier with the remote-flash triggering system! No system was off the table when I was doing my research.  I wanted the best system FOR ME.  And the […]

Okay, so my Phottix Odin review didn’t happen on Thursday…  I haven’t been sleeping well due to my anxiety over my photoshoots next week…  So I’ve been sleeping whenever I can. But it’s done and you’ll have something good to in addition to enjoying your lunch…  Well, at least for […]


Zeiss – The new nifty 50.. Or is it 55?

So you read my previous posting on my Zeiss 50mm and my history with Zeiss lenses.  Ever get that feeling when you try something that it’s a match for you?  That’s how I felt with Zeiss lenses.  It wasn’t about being expensive lenses and the build-quality..  When I was using […]