New York Fashion Week craziness is over! Another season! I say with a bit of melancholy. It’s exciting. It’s fun. The people you get to meet. And a new goal has been achieved! But it can be nutty. And frustrating. The Fun I love fashion. It’s always been there. I used […]

Gosh, George Michael is gone. What spooked me big time was that he’s only 3 years older than me! I always thought he was a good deal older than me because I was watching him on tv with his music videos and doing so much in his life. The only […]

What can happen in a few months…. I got to cover some of New York Fashion Week IN PERSON! I just moved to New York to further my fashion photography career and it just coincided with NYFW! Completely coincidental. The ball was more shot out of a cannon than simply roll. When […]

Today has been a weird day in eMail. First, I got an eMail from a ‘photographer’ who wanted me to put them in contact with one of the models I shot. The model has an account on a popular model website which is where he found her. Now, you can […]