Education and Experience: Always For as long as I can remember, I’ve been insatiably curious. I’m either reading, tinkering or physically-experiencing something when something interests me. Then I’ll just dive into it and decide whether it’s worth pursuing or not. I’m a bit fearless in that respect. Or naïve! I […]

It was quite coincidental that I wanted to publish this article on the biggest shopping day of the year about GAS: Gear Acquisition Syndrome. It’s usually but not always accompanied by is partner in crime: hype. What is GAS? GAS is a phenomenon well known and talked about in the […]

You’ve seen the title of this article: Keep it Simple. Well, I’ve always been one to keep it as simple as possible. Not just in photography, but in life. Well, let’s add: making complexity and sophistication look simple is the greatest compliment. I mean, how often do you see people […]

I was recently inspired by an Entrepreneur Magazine article on education and started to think how it relates to photography. Most important fact about education: it’s good for you. I don’t care what you study. Education is good. Especially if you can get a degree while you’re at it. I certainly […]

I heard an established photographer during a presentation say “I don’t believe in bad light. I just think the photographer is not inspired!” I have to say, I’m with that photographer. Though the first time I was forced to do a shoot in the bright sunlight, it was a disaster! […]

Hopefully, you packed everything the night before or even better:  you packed everything in the car and all you have to do is start driving.  But let’s get real..  You probably have to load the car!  So get to it. I think using an electronic tablet is the best thing […]



When I first started in photography and was deciding what gear I was going to get, a colleague and mentor Wayne Serrano told me that Zeiss was ‘it’ for fashion and beauty work.  “But they are manual focus only and primes…” I responded.  “Just give it a try…”  He responded […]


A Professional’s Professional Photographer

I came upon this video that I thought was just the greatest to watch:  A professional photographer going through the process of a big photoshoot.  The video features David Thompson who is a British photographer who has photographed for several different Vogue and Marie Claire magazines in Europe.  If you […]

So I’m doing a model search for a project (models, if you fit the project, I would call you first!) and run into this model’s profile. I met her at a group photography session just a couple of months I started photographing models. On her profile I’ve seen a picture […]