With the number of technology-photography blog articles I have planned, I thought I really need to mix some purely-photography related ones as well. I mean, I’m a fashion photographer after all. Right? Though having been a technology guru for many years has certainly paid benefits! So I decided to write […]

Photography and Technology. A three-part article describing a beginning, my own current setup and a bigger, more established future system for my fashion photography needs! By a computer guru! These days, for many, computers and photography don’t go without each other. I thought with all the news Apple computer has […]

It had been several years since I had photographed a male model for any type of fashion work. Really, I was just starting out and was photographing in all different types of people-scenarios. Photographing female models was easy. They are everywhere. Even in the beginning, I had plenty of female […]


New York Fashion Week Fall & Winter 2015 – My Highlights

From what I’ve seen from the New York Fashion Week Fall & Winter 2015 show: absolutely fantastic! I’m not sure what it was this year that I feel have made it an especially good year. Two things that come to mind: better coverage and a great season for designers.  When […]

I will admit my ignorance: I thought fashion shows were based on the designer’s origin with the occasional outsider to mix it up. Was I wrong haha! After going through the designer listing for Paris Fashion Week, there are designers from all over the world! I think it’s also a status […]

Going through magazines like Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire at the beginning of my fashion photographic journey, there was a particular image-style I liked. I thought the image-style had a realism that wasn’t found in other camera formats. I found out these images were done by photographers using Medium Format […]

I’m not into New Years resolutions. I say, if you want to start something, do it now! You don’t need to wait until January 1st. Especially goals that need plenty of time to grow. Sometimes goals can be difficult to start without that extra energy and enthusiasm that exists during […]

I haven’t done this in years: A Christmas Wish List! With a surprise ending too! I’ve also wanted to do some sort of tech round up as well for a blog article. But honestly, I’m not about getting the newest and greatest gadget. I only upgrade when I need to. […]

Where do I start writing about Oscar de La Renta? How about when I first heard about him? I had been into my own personal clothing style at least from the age of 14. While my daily school attire was surfer-styled with checkered Vans, Levi’s 501s and t-shirts, I definitely […]