Photography & Technology Part 2.5; Data Storage For me, this was the most difficult part to write for this article series. There are so many options and in the last few months, the choices were tough. Until now. It’s not like a computer or monitor where you can play with […]

Computers and Photography. A three-part article describing a beginning, my own current setup and a bigger, more established future system for my fashion photography. Part II – My Current Photography-Computer Setup With my previous article you saw what I was using as my first photo-editing system I used. Considering what […]

iOS vs. Android in Photography Been done to death? I don’t even like ‘Versus’ articles usually. I usually think they are dumb and pointless. Because if two things items are comparable, then they are probably good for two different types of people. But this is different. Especially when it concerns […]

The Apple Mac Pro “How it could work for you”. The final installment of the 3-part series that I only intended to be only one posting! I intended this posting to be released last week. But I really had lots to think about it. Who really benefits from a machine like this. […]

Gmail:  I love you, but you’ve been letting yourself go over the years… So I’ve been a Gmail user for years. It’s cheap for having a custom domain, reliable and accessible just about anywhere. Never let me down. But I just upgraded a account to for free. […]

Okay, so yesterday was my birthday and didn’t pay attention to the Apple event today. When I finally got around to checking out what Apple showed-off, I was pleasantly pleased. I will not be talking about iBooks or the Mac Mini. Not photographer tools… First: The new iPads! The iPad […]

When I have a vendor that I like, provides good service and is reasonably priced. I want to stick with them. T-Mobile has been this kind of vendor for me. Until recently. I have been with T-Mobile for over 10 years. In fact when T-Mobile came into this country and […]


Mac and PC

One of the oldest debates in technology: Which is better? Mac or PC I’ve been into technology personally and professionally for over 30 years and have seen a lot during that time. I learned and trained on an IBM Personal computer that only had floppy drives. No hard drive! I […]