Today has been a weird day in eMail.

First, I got an eMail from a ‘photographer’ who wanted me to put them in contact with one of the models I shot. The model has an account on a popular model website which is where he found her. Now, you can create a free account as long as you post images you’ve done. Why this person doesn’t do that is strange. Needless to say, I won’t be forwarding his information. Weird.

Second.. Most of you remember the ‘Icy Blonde’ vintage-shoot I did months ago. When I sent out a casting call, I got about 200 responses from it. I narrowed it down to three models and chose the one which I thought was the best fit for the shoot. I’m glad because the portrait I took from her ALWAYS gets ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahhs’ from everyone I show the image to.

Well, one of the models I didn’t choose… eMails me today and asks if I’d be up for a collaboration with her. Now I tell you… When I looked at her portfolio… She has done work in magazines like Vogue… And the artistic quality of the shoots are nothing short of exceptional. Not all work in those magazines blows me away, but the work her and that photographer work did.

I ask: What concept did you have in mind? She answers: I don’t have one in particular, but I want to shoot with you and I know you’ll come up with something great. When we were talking back in February, she offered to bring wardrobe…. Totally amazing clothes…

I am not as intimidated now as I was then to come up with something. But I still am!

I was looking at the Dolce & Gabbana website a few days ago and drooled over clothing and how much I would love to shoot that. Well, I may now have my chance!

Weird day for eMails. But that second one is 10x better than the first!

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Ricardo Gomez is a Fashion Photographer based in New York City.

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