Event: NYFW Fall Winter 2018 Show

New York Fashion Week – Fall Winter 2018

This was a different season for me. Simply, I only attended 3 days worth of events. I’ve been so busy with my fashion-photography work and getting squared away with that, covering New York Fashion Week just wasn’t as big a priority. It would totally have to be on my dime if I were to do it.

I largely shoot the participant-fashion portion of NYFW and shooting the Fall/Winter show is a tough one. New York weather is unpredictable if not cold. Extremely cold. And people naturally cover up. Though this season, it wasn’t too bad. The 2017 Fall/Winter show was just viscous. I remember talking to the WWD folks and they were out there during one of the blizzards! Thank God is wasn’t that bad this year. Always a smile!


So what would be the goal for this season? Just to have fun! I just don’t only know photography. I know fashion too. I’ve photographed attendees from Vogue and other magazines while other photographers didn’t because they didn’t know what they were wearing. Too boring. The bloggers and influencers get much of the attention because they wear the most colorful and eccentric outfits.

Plus, I enjoy meeting and talking with people working the show and attendees. I’ve had some really fun chats during and in-between shows. Every once in a while, models from the preceding show will come out front and give us photographers an impromptu show. I love those moments! Made some friends along the way. Hey, we’re all just trying to make it in this biz after all…





The models from the BCBG show definitely get big hugs from me this season for the little shoot they gave us photographers. Thank you ladies!


Remember, I love fashion. Right? Well, I’m biased towards the more traditional and classic type of fashion. Well, @ofleatherandlace was definitely one of my favorites. Absolutely lovely. I wish I could’ve photographed her some more.


And here’s my mystery lady from the Hellesey shows…  Just watch..  I’ll probably find out she’s one of the lead designers for the brand…  She wore those leather pants at 2018 SS show and have been all the rage since. This time, she wears that amazing red and guess what? It’s now the color for this season. My favorite color too!


At least for the last couple of NYFW shows, Malan Breton and several other designers have been making their shows much more available to for less-connected professionals to get their shot to cover done through Style Fashion Week. Not sure how Style Fashion Week works and how connected they are with NYFW. But I like them. While most of the designers they have aren’t my cup of tea, I totally appreciate the opportunity. And I love the Malan Breton women’s collection! When I make some more money and lose some weight, I’ll try out some of his men’s collection!

It was a good show with great pre-show entertainment with Matthew Whittaker playing piano! Fun!

Pre-show hugs with the man!

From Malan Breton’s SS18 men’s collection. I love this! Just 20lbs and some gym work and I’ll be ready!


Don’t know who this lady was..  Never got her Instagram idea…  But when I saw her, I just thought she was so cute! Stylish, classy with a fun youthfulness that reminded me of Audrey.. I would’ve joined in the spontaneous shoot of the last pic..  But I was trying to thaw out my hands! Freezing!


Every NYFW season and at least one show, I get the opportunity to do a quick shoot with one model from it. Sometimes it’s a long shoot. Sometimes a short one. Fun every time! This year it was Anastasia..  Damn auto-correct messed up the spelling of her name and I can’t find her now! It was one of those quickie shoots but memorable. Wouldn’t she look super with an Audrey haircut?

Anastasia – The Model

My first NYFW model shoot. This lady was amazing! Editorial-quality in 10 minutes!


Absolutely fun! I mean, people who go to NYFW are there to look at the collections, to network and promote their own services. Whether they are there to represent the company they work for or the Influencer/Blogger. So they are going the extra mile to look their best. I swear, I think some people work out extra hard to prepare for NYFW! Really!

So here are others that attended who I thought have some damn great style going!





When I first came to New York 2.5 years ago, Fashion Week SS16 had just started. I covered it remotely here on my blog as best I could 3000 miles away in San Francisco. Then to be here. To experience it. Just blew me away! for the next 1.5 years, I got to cover quite a few shows. Yes, there was a private show here and there. But not a big deal. For all the fashion shows I wanted to cover, locations were easy to find.

Then I went to Paris Fashion Week.

If you don’t know me, I’m a bit on the adventurous side. I didn’t know locations of the shows and I just thought I would figure it out when I got there. No such luck. I researched previous locations. Made routes to scout locations. There was one show that I found. But it was tiny with not many attendees. I missed one of the biggest by getting there too early. Didn’t find out until later.

Did I mention how horrible the street fashion was in Paris? Paris! I can count the number of interesting street fashion pics with two hands. That took 10 days. I could get that much great fashion, better, in Manhattan: In a day. No problem.


Unfortunately, I noticed the secrecy of the shows in New York happen during the next season. It was very subtle at first during FW16. A few more shows than previously seemed to be secretive. At least at the Ralph Lauren show, which was the last time the location and time was public last I’ve seen, I got to see legend New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham in action. And it’s times like this, when you inspire the future of the industry. A budding fashion designer see’s Oscar de la Renta entering their show. Or a woman see’s Anna Wintour with her famous haircut and sunglasses sitting at the front row.

Now, I don’t know why Mercedes-Benz doesn’t sponsor New York Fashion Week anymore. They used to be synonymous with the show. What happened? What I do know with my experience in getting sponsors for organizations, sponsors want exposure. It’s advertising and public relations for them. Sponsors want to be associated with an organization/event that’s going to get them into the market they want. Believe me, when you have a great organization that does great events, you have to beat sponsors off with a stick. They’ll pay more than you would’ve thought.  NYFW can bring Mercedes-Benz back… By doing the opposite of what’s it’s doing now. And it can be done right for everyone. Top to bottom.

Which is why, unless I can get paid real money to cover the different aspects of NYFW, there is a good chance I won’t make the extra effort to cover it again. I love fashion. Love meeting and talking to people who love it just as much in their own way and reasons. But I can do that any day of the week in Manhattan for much less time and effort. It cost me time in building my fashion photography business. Time, by far, is the most valuable thing in life.

I hope I can do it next season.

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Ricardo Gomez is a Fashion Photographer based in New York City.

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