Fashion Show: New York Fashion Week and Accessories

Finally! My wrap-up of New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017! It’s been a month and I’m missing it so much! Lots of work to cover it. I was exhausted at the end of each day. I loved every minute of it! There are a couple of pieces I want to write about especially: the trends and my experience.

Fluffy Jacket Worn by Maddie Greer (@maddiegreer)

Fluffy Jacket Worn by Maddie Greer (@maddiegreer)

The Trends and Street Style

Big fluffy jackets were certainly in vogue and it started very early in the season. Shades of white or pink were the big colors. I also think jackets were the showcase item in a lady’s wardrobe. There were also other jackets that were long. Three-quarter or longer. Lots of them.

Street Angel - Leather Jacket and Tulie Skirt

Street Angel – Leather Jacket and Tulie Skirt

Of course, it’s winter. And you don’t expect to see many dresses or skirts out there. But when you do, it’s just that more special. I saw plenty of who I call Street Angels: women with tulie or chiffon skirts and leather biker jackets. Usually pants were worn under the skirts. Regardless, I love the look!

I’m glad I got to work a good deal of the street style from the shows this year. Next season, I plan to do more. Much more.

My Experiences

This season, I felt much more together than the last few seasons. I was shooting with my Panasonic GX8 this season. While I used it during Paris Fashion Week, you know what a wash that was for me. So for New York Fashion Week, I really got to wring it out with the number of events I was at. You can practice all you want. But it’s a different story when you’re under pressure. As much as I’ve used it, I’m still learning it’s ins and outs. It’s a big step from my 9-year old Canon 50D!

Fluffy Jacket Worn by @DailyFrontRow

Fluffy Jacket Worn by @DailyFrontRow

With the experience of previous shows, I was simply better prepared for this season. Honestly, I think the toughest thing about New York Fashion Week in the winter is dealing with the weather. Last season, my first winter in New York, I was suffering quite a bit. Finding a hot cup of coffee would only provide temporary relief.

Long Jacket Worn by @NotJessFashion

Long Jacket Worn by @NotJessFashion

To help combat all that New York weather could dish out is my new Billingham camera bag. If you’re a photographer or someone who loves bags in general, you know how tough it can be to choose one. The Billingham was the only choice for me. Stylish and totally functional. I didn’t want another black camera bag. Hey, I’m a fashion photographer!

So with my bag, of course I’d have my camera and computer gear.  But I also have a good deal of room to stuff a hot drink using my invaluable thermos insulated, double-walled, stainless steel tumbler. To fill it with a hot drink in the morning and it still stay hot, be cool to the touch, for hours, is invaluable. As big as my bag is, I’d carry extra clothes to layer and keep warm.

I find it kind of funny that at the end of a New York Fashion Week article, I end with writing about a fashion accessory I used!

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My Billingham 445 Camera Bag. Love It!

My Billingham 445 Camera Bag. Love It!

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