Fashion Shows: New York Fashion Week Fun!

At first, I was going to write a very deep and thoughtful article about New York Fashion Week.

Then I thought differently. Much differently.

The clothing industry is a big, serious and fierce industry. During the day, I work nearby many clothing businesses and employees of these monoliths are joking, or crying about how tough and intense working for that company can be. I get it. But, there also has to be a reason why someone puts themselves through so much hardship: love! Anyone wanting to be successful in their passion is going to through rough time in paying their dues. But what gets us through them is the love and passion. It’s that simple.

So for this article, I want to dedicate it to that reason. Fashion can be so serious. But at fashion shows, it’s a blaring reminder of why we do what we do. A moment to enjoy the amazing work that people are creating. Fashion Week for me is a great way to shoot some highly stylish people and network. This will be my third season I’ll be covering New York Street Fashion at New York Fashion Week. And I plan to have lots of fun amid lots of work!

These pics are from the 2015 Spring/Summer show. It was my first fashion week I photographed after having moved here 2 weeks before! I hate to say, that I forgot when Fashion Week as I had so much going on. I forgot to check! No way I was going to cover the show in a manner I was going to get paid. But I know I needed to attend.

The first image I have to dedicate to those who are on the front lines of these shows: The Workers! These lovelies were there for Juicy Couture and they were absolutely delightful. Great attitudes and getting people to take pictures with the signs they are holding and posting them on social media. Lots of fun!RGP091515-NYFW Street Fashion-Sept 12-Final JPG-7-Processed

These next images were just so adorable. They are just attendees mostly invited by friends who might be industry professionals. I thought they were stylish and when I asked them if I could take their picture, they responded with “Me? Why me?” I would respond “Because I love what you’re wearing!” They laughed and did a quickie. Love people like that.

RGP091515-NYFW Street Fashion-Sept 12-Final JPG-27-ProcessedRGP091515-NYFW-Street Fashion-Final JPG-Resized-44

RGP091515-NYFW-Street Fashion-Final JPG-Resized-48 RGP091515-NYFW-Street Fashion-Final JPG-Resized-50









Next, industry professionals and bloggers. Or so I think at least. So many were just so stylish. They make it look so easy! But anyone who knows being that well put together takes work. And a potentially huge wardrobe! I especially love how someone can wear an incredibly sexy outfit and still be classy. The mixing of soft and hard fabrics. Going bold without going wrong. Yes, that’s why they are writers, editors, creative geniuses….

RGP091515-NYFW-Street Fashion-Final JPG-Resized-38 RGP091515-NYFW-Street Fashion-Final JPG-Resized-37 RGP091515-NYFW-Street Fashion-Final JPG-Resized-36 RGP091515-NYFW Street Fashion-Sept 12-Final JPG-19-Processed New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015_MG_9723-Processed

RGP091515-NYFW-Street Fashion-Final JPG-Resized-43RGP091515-NYFW-Street Fashion-Final JPG-Resized-45

















Lastly and who takes much of the spotlight during fashion week: models! I’ll say this: models get a bad rap. Not only did I not once run into negativity, but they were incredibly generous with their time and wanting to give a respectful photography a great image. Great ladies.

RGP091515-NYFW-Street Fashion-Final JPG-35-ProcessedNew York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015RGP091515-NYFW-Street Fashion-Final JPG-20-Processed RGP091515-NYFW Street Fashion-Sept 12-Final JPG-20-Processed

RGP091515-NYFW-Street Fashion-Final JPG-Resized-53RGP091515-NYFW-Street Fashion-Final JPG-Resized-56 RGP091515-NYFW-Street Fashion-Final JPG-Resized-59


















See you at the show! Come by and say hi! Let the fun begin!

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Ricardo Gomez is a Fashion Photographer based in New York City.

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