iOS vs. Android in Photography

iOS vs. Android in Photography

Been done to death? I don’t even like ‘Versus’ articles usually. I usually think they are dumb and pointless. Because if two things items are comparable, then they are probably good for two different types of people. But this is different. Especially when it concerns photography. I’ve had many more years with Android and quite a few with iOS. Let’s talk about some positives from each system.

Android. Amazing hardware! The screens, processing power and variety of systems is nice! I personally love the larger screen phones. The colors and brightness are second to none. Fast processors and sometimes really sleek units. For both phones and tablets. And open software system.

iOS. Superb product design and for the longest time, innovative. The user-interface is consistent among all devices.

But iOS rules in photography. Absolutely. No question about it. Definitive enough?
Two reasons:

iPad 2

iPad 2

  1. Apps! I don’t know how exactly Apple works with developers. But hands-down, iOS are better and usually superior to their Android counterparts. Many times, you can’t even get that great iOS app on Android or it’s second in development. The really big development companies are good about releasing software for both systems simultaneous. But many photography software developers aren’t so big. Apps like Photogene & Foliobook? I don’t think so.
  2. Standardization. Like the Mac OS, the interface hasn’t changed all that much. When a developer writes a piece of software, they won’t have to do much to keep it working. Maybe every 2 – 3 years. Development costs.

The huge problem I have with Android: Vendors changing and customizing Android for their own devices! Drives me mad! I LOVE the Samsung Galaxy III and Tab systems! And the tablets are cheaper and have better screens.

Damn it. Try getting support for them after Google updates Android. Your apps will stop working. And if you have a problem with a Samsung device, it doesn’t mean you’ll have a problem with an Asus device. Vendors always say “Oh yes, we’ll update it when they become available”. I’ve never had one non-Google device get updated. Years ago. It hasn’t happened with more current devices. Turning on WiFi? You’ll have to remember how to access the control for that among all your different devices.

I was extremely happy with my iPad 2. Needed the cash and sold it. Since upgraded to the iPad Mini w/Retina via T-Mobile. $25/month? God bless! 

The iPad 2 worked completely fine. And it’s still supported with the new OS! And the iPad 2 originally had iOS 4! Three version ago! How many computers that had Windows XP could run Windows 8? Not many I bet. Not well at least.

Now, the iPad 2 is not as quick as the newer iPads. But for the most part, you won’t notice. As long as you have enough memory to play HD movies, you’ll be fine. And if you don’t play movies, memory is not even an issue.

The iPad is coming up on 3 years next month. It should be a fine system for at least another year. Maybe two. Then it’s a 5-year old system. The apps you bought three years ago? They still work. And probably will for another two years. And you have one or two less expenses in your accounting during those years with an iOS device.

If you’re a casual photographer, the Android devices may work for you. Like I said, they have great hardware and if you can get the apps you need, will probably work just fine for a couple of years. Then you’ll have to get a new device. Which may not be so bad since Android devices are usually cheaper to buy.

But as a professional it’s a waste of time and money. The simple upgrade process takes time. Migrating your apps and data. Learning how to effectively use a whole new device. Figuring out why your app isn’t working the way it used to.

There are very few things in the world that are a definite right or wrong. This is one of them!

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Ricardo Gomez is a Fashion Photographer based in New York City.

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