Model Profile: Bella Hadid – The New Classic

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while: Model Profiles.

Bella Hadid in Striped Shirt

Bella Hadid. Photo: World Swimsuit

As a fashion photographer who not only photographs it and is involved in it as possibly can, how can I not write about fashion models? Especially the ones I find more interesting. So with something new, I want to start with someone new: Bella Hadid

I first noticed Bella Hadid when she was with her super-model sister Gigi. When I saw them together, I was quite certain Gigi was getting her sister ready for modeling. Attractive, but I wasn’t sure if she would be able to create enough of an identity for herself. Yes, you can start a career with someone’s name. But it’s got to be especially hard if you want to have your own, separate identity and career.

I don’t think Bella has to worry about that now.

The first time I saw her, she was a bit cheeky. I mean, she was about 16 so that’s actually normal. Thank goodness. She’s was an Olympic-caliber equestrian so she needs to have some muscle. Her hair is also much lighter in color. Brown to light brown and almost blonde in the right light.

Then what I call ‘baby fat’ came off and I bet she changed her diet and exercise routine to get into a more model-type look. But even still, she’s still quite curvy. She dyed her hair black which her diet/exercise gives her this striking and classic high fashion look. I’m sure IMG Models saw the potential and signed her quite fast. About a year or two after her sister showed her off.

I call Bella Hadid “The New Classic” because I think her look embodies both old-fashion and modern beauty in a fresh way. She brings a glamorous old-fashioned look in a fresh way. You’ve seen my work and you know I know a thing or two about vintage. She definitely has those classic European beauty features. But she’s a California girl as well. You can’t escape modernism in California even if you tried. As much as I love vintage I manage to bring modern influences to my own photography and home interior. While some might think this is difficult, and it could be. For some! I find it that it brings new and fresh creative opportunities.

She has only been modeling for a couple of years and already she’s been on some pretty huge ad campaigns. And she’s all of 19 years of age.

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