New York Fashion Week – Part II – All About Fun!

My previous article about New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 was a bit different than my typical blog. A political/sociological message which I sometimes can’t help. I have a brain and opinions.

Second and more typical, I created a formatting snafu and accidentally created some pretty cool formatting that I wanted to use some more. And of course, WordPress isn’t known to be the best way to format information. So using this new formatting took a while to learn and then implement.

But I love the result! It was worth it!

So this article, not so much about style and more about vibe. Fashion Week is just damn fun. Yes, it’s lots of work leading up to the event and there are millions of dollars in marketing and product on the line. But it’s fun. At least, it should be. After all, running a photography business is only about 2% of real photography. The rest is all the aspects in running a business. But that 2% is really worth it!

So here is another pictorial of New York Fashion Week with images I didn’t include the first time. And a few images from the first part that I feel are so perfect and capture NYFW.

Female Staffer of the Daily Fashion Magazine

The Worker

The Workers. The first image I have to dedicated to the people busting their asses making this show happen. And this one, I want to dedicate it to the staffers of the Daily Front Row fashion magazine. It’s a great, quarterly magazine with brand new issues every day during fashion week. The folks show up at many of the shows, handing out issues to people. I’ve met many and all super-nice.

The Models

The Models

The Models. Now this image I posted on Instagram but didn’t post it on the first part of my NYFW coverage: The Models! I think when your average person thinks of NYFW, they think of the models. How glamorous and beautiful they look and the life they must live. But like photography and fashion design, most of your life is about the business side and very little of it is the part you’re doing it for. Unless you are in the top 2% of the business, you’re probably going to have a day job. But the times you get to work, it’s quite awesome.

Not sure, but I got a feeling the people who run NYFW have models appear at shows to give people outside a show of sorts. These two are obviously models but not working the show and have these amazing gowns. But the photographers surely appreciated the opportunity to photograph them. I wish I used a bigger aperture as it would’ve made this image so much better. But I love the expression on the model in the longer gown. Priceless.

Portrait of brunette wearing purple scarf.

The Purple Scarf

A Purple Scarf. This was one of my favorite images from my first posting. I have no idea who this lady is, but in my humble opinion, she’s epitomizes the fashion business insider: beautiful, sophisticated and classy. The color of the scarf was definitely a them at the Ralph Lauren show and it’s a simple accessory. But she wore it brilliantly. Perfect.

I’ve followed fashion for quite a long time and I think it’s incredibly rare when someone pieces together an outfit that’s not only original, but has an equally classic and sophisticated style as well. You can see plenty of originality on the New York subway!

Male Attendee at Fashion Week

The Male

The Male. Yes, a few of them show up at NYFW. But they get so little attention from the photographers. The ones you see are obviously designers. Then there are these gentlemen. They look like your average businessman. Except maybe a bit more stylish. I thought this gentleman was quite the character. I got a feeling he’s a power broker. Just feeling. I mean, that look has some experience behind it.

Brunette woman stepping out of cab.

The Wonder

The Wonder. Finally, the way many feel when coming to Fashion Week: The wonder of it all. I think this lady really captures it. I remember my first time I attended Fashion Week. You simply don’t know what to expect. The people you’ve seen in magazines time and time again who have this mythical atmosphere around them. You may bump into them. What would you say? And you’re probably there for business. What are you going to say to a potential client/customer? Hopefully, you’ve practiced.

Another season? Another show? I’m sure many would like you to believe that. As if they are too cool to still be amazed by it all. But I wouldn’t believe them. As fierce as this business is, you have to be involved for the right reasons and most all: passion. Because when things get tough and you want to quit, that’s what will get you through it.

Can’t wait for next season and some serious involvement with it too!



About the author

Ricardo Gomez is a Fashion Photographer based in New York City.

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