New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016: Season of the Female Photographer

When I showed up early for the New York Fashion Week Ralph Lauren show on Wednesday morning, I couldn’t have imagined what I was in for.

I arrived at 8:30am. At least two hours before the majority of the Ralph Lauren attendees would start to show. I was hoping to get some street-fashion from higher-profile attendees wanting to get into the show before the mob. It didn’t happen. So I walked around the venue looking for anyone interesting to photograph. It didn’t happen. It was so cold, my fingers were turning purple and I could barely feel the buttons on my camera. I’m lucky there was a street vendor selling coffee. Thankfully cheap as well.

Then everyone started showing up.

I didn’t anticipate much street-fashion. It was so cold I thought most would be bundled up. At first, I was right. There were lots of long jackets. But thankfully, the morning warmed up a bit and the fashion flower started to bloom. Within 45 minutes before the show, a river of fashion started flowing into the show.

I don’t know if there was a theme on the fashion front though there were some prominent colors: white, tan and purple. Purple with tan was definitely a combination I saw plenty of. And white is such a classic in cold and winter weather. You just can’t go wrong.

The Ladies in White

Tall Lady in Long White Furry Coat and Pants

Statuesque and gorgeous. Incredible. Thank you for smiling.

Asian lady with colored hair in white.

Absolutely cute.

Classic and modern.

Classic and modern.

Lady in white retro dress.

White and retro done perfectly.

The Coats

What I was really impressed with were the women making long overcoats look so good. Some were very conservative and there were definitely some that had amazing and bright colors. It’s like nude photography in a sense. You really have to be creative because how can you dress up a long coat? Amazingly enough, lots of ladies were up for the challenges and succeeded.

Fair skinned woman with fur coat.


Brunette with sunglasses in furry overcoat.

Jackie Kennedy is alive and well in New York City. Classic.

Brunette without sunglasses in furry overcoat.

I told you. Jackie Kennedy…

Black and white image of blonde in furry overcoat and satin dress.

Definitely one of the hotter looks….

Asian woman in fur coat.

Love this look!

Blonde women in blue fur coat.

Blonde, blue and adorable.

Two Colors. One Show

The other trend was the colors of tan and purple. I believe it was coming into the last season. These were especially my favorites I saw at the show.

Portrait of brunette wearing purple scarf.

Absolute sophistication. Timeless

Two ladies in tan.

I love these two looks. Not purple. But the blue is incredibly bold.

Brunette lady with big smile wearing purple and tan coat.

The purple blouse looks modern while the coat looks vintage. Love. I would go to great lengths to see who lay under those sunglasses…

The Female Photographer

Blonde female photographer.

Grace Kelly is a photographer. How much more perfect is that?

Diversity is a good thing.

In recent years, the fashion industry has been, in my opinion, been making great strides in bringing diversity to the runways. Up until as recent 3 – 4 years ago, you’d swear the world was made up of one or two different types of models: blonde or brunette.

Photography may be even worse.

A photographer I met during the event voiced her observation the number of photographers that were in attendance. I’ve only attended the previous NYFW season so I didn’t have that great a history with that thought. I thought there was a good number of photographers. However, it was the Ralph Lauren show. Definitely a big show. Regardless, there were a large number of photographers I had ever seen from any fashion show I’ve seen.

There was one fact that this new colleague didn’t recognize: at least half of the photographers were female! And well-dressed! The many I spoke with were incredibly friendly. That’s another thing: most male photographers aren’t very friendly or talkative. Many are shy and introverts. Many also want to try create an air of superiority. Well, that simply doesn’t work on me.

Female photographer with big smile.

This is something male photographers don’t do enough: smile!

Brunette photographer in hat.

Photographer and Marketer Sofia Herrera. IG: SOPHIACHERR

Maybe all the female photographers in attendance was an anomaly. A glitch in the natural order of things. I hope not. I enjoyed being with these photographers. We looked out for each other. When there was someone interesting to photograph, we told each other so we wouldn’t miss the shot. In all honesty, we really didn’t compete with each other. But this mutual help felt good.

I don’t think men are any better at photography than women. Different possibly. But if anything, possibly, men might be better at marketing and business. But this is not to say that women can’t be better at it either. Really, how many thousands of years have men been expected to be in business, gone to school for it and have had mentors to help them succeed? But, have you heard of Oprah?

Female photographer taking photo of Anna Wintour.

Anna Wintour was in and out of the show so fast! You had to be at the right place at the right time. How jealous am I this photographer got this shot!

While I didn’t achieve the goals I wanted to for this season’s New York Fashion Week. But for the amount I did attend, it was an incredible experience. Again. Not only did I see great fashion, but I got to see what I hope is a great wave of change in the photographer scene.

What many people don’t get with the fashion scene is this: fashion is a reflection on society. The clothing, who is designing them and who is wearing them. Only the most superficial of person would think it any less. I’m happy for the work I do and the constant and great changes I see ahead.

About the author

Ricardo Gomez is a Fashion Photographer based in New York City.

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