New York Fashion Week: Spring/Summer 2016 – Street Fashion

What can happen in a few months…. I got to cover some of New York Fashion Week IN PERSON!

I just moved to New York to further my fashion photography career and it just coincided with NYFW! Completely coincidental. The ball was more shot out of a cannon than simply roll. When I realized that NYFW was going to start a few days after I arrived, I arranged my schedule to cover as much as I could.

While covering the show inside would’ve been amazing, being the new kid on the block meant I would start out at the beginning: street fashion. Which for now, is completely fine. I actually enjoy photographing street fashion. I think it’s a real test as a photographer especially if you’re running solo. Getting great images with the available light and surroundings is a true challenge. And I love it!

I largely hung out at the The Dock, Skylight at Moynihan Station location for my street fashion and I was not disappointed. Here’s who I got to photograph over the couple of days I got to attend. I’ll be back next time and hopefully, with a more insider’s perspective! Wish me luck!

The Models. Next to the designers, you can’t help admire the models. They are truly another category in our species. Like an athlete or engineer. Did I mention how absolutely sweet and delightful they were? Lovely all of them.

The Impromptu Photo Shoot. When photographers started photographing her, she just started doing her thing! Love her! Total pro.

The Pros. Of course, part of the allure of Fashion Week is to see the media and fashion professionals going. Don’t know if these people actually were. But certainly polished!

The Fans. I think the people who attend simply because they love fashion deserve their own spot! They were so happy to have their picture taken!

Promotions and Assistants. Really, the show probably couldn’t happen without these folks. Usually the lowest paid and hardest working. They pour their whole heart into their work. Also super fun and nice!



About the author

Ricardo Gomez is a Fashion Photographer based in New York City.

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