This is my third time I’ve covered New York Fashion Week Street Fashion! Maybe, the best street fashion I’ve seen in my last three shows! I started cover Paris Fashion Week today! So there will be some fun pics from it coming as well!

There was certainly a good amount of diversity of fashion of the shows. To me, that’s a big part to what makes the shows so fun to cover. What if all the ladies were wearing a sleek black dress? Yes, you get it. And of course, I took some pics of people working the event. I really love those folks. The invisible heroes.

So I’m going to keep it short. Here are some fun and great pics I got to take. Got more but those will be for another posting. Check out my Instagram for more. Enjoy!

rnyc091016-nyfw-christian-siriano-final-jpg-rs2048-2rnyc091116-nyfw-morgan-lane-final-jpg-resized-5 rnyc091116-nyfw-morgan-lane-final-jpg-resized-9

rnyc091016-nyfw-christian-siriano-final-jpg-rs2048-16 rnyc091016-nyfw-christian-siriano-final-jpg-rs2048-17 rnyc091016-nyfw-christian-siriano-final-jpg-rs2048-15 rnyc091016-nyfw-christian-siriano-final-jpg-rs2048-14 rnyc091016-nyfw-christian-siriano-final-jpg-rs2048-10 rnyc091016-nyfw-christian-siriano-final-jpg-rs2048-11 rnyc091016-nyfw-christian-siriano-final-jpg-rs2048-12 rnyc091016-nyfw-christian-siriano-final-jpg-rs2048-13 rnyc091016-nyfw-christian-siriano-final-jpg-rs2048-7 rnyc091016-nyfw-christian-siriano-final-jpg-rs2048-6 rnyc091016-nyfw-christian-siriano-final-jpg-rs2048-5 rnyc091016-nyfw-christian-siriano-final-jpg-rs2048-3 rnyc091016-nyfw-christian-siriano-final-jpg-rs2048-1

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Ricardo Gomez is a Fashion Photographer based in New York City.

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