NYFW: Mystery Model and Big News!

New York Fashion Week is next week! Looking forward to covering the amazing street fashion! This will be my third show I’ll be covering and it doesn’t get old!

RGP083116-Blog-Model at NYFW-6RGP083116-Blog-Model at NYFW-5I don’t know if it’s done by the show organizers, but somehow a model or models will appear and start posing for the photographers. Every day I’ve been able to attend, a woman who is obviously a model starts posing for photographers. To me, it’s just a part of what makes Fashion Week so fun!

This was the first mystery model that I got to photograph. Models regularly show up and do some posing for photographers. Don’t know if this is done officially by NYFW. I’m thinking it is. It’s a great break and lots of fun!

She was absolutely fantastic! With her western/country outfit and posing skills, just a pleasure to photograph. In 10 minutes with her, I knew I was in New York. While I consider myself a good photographer, you’re only as good as who you work with. This model certainly helped me look good! Enjoy the images!

RGP083116-Blog-Model at NYFW-7RGP083116-Blog-Model at NYFW-9Now for the big news….

I’ve always known New York to be a fashion mecca. That was from what I read in magazines. Not the greatest sources. However, my hope was rewarded in abundance! Seriously, I could pick a good spot in New York and admire fashion all day!  I’m not easy to impress either!

Fashion and Street Style blog! I seriously wanted to capture daily street fashion. I watched Street Style photography legend Bill Cunningham’s documentary and totally agree: watching ‘regular’ women and their fashion style is amazing. They don’t have Clothing Designers throwing clothes at them. With regular women, it’s all bought!

This Saturday, September 3rd, ‘Ricardo of New York City – ricardoofnyc.com‘ will be up and running. Why the name?RGP083116-Blog-Model at NYFW-10RGP083116-Blog-Model at NYFW-11

Well, not many Ricardos in the world. It just a unique name. I am not a big fan of people naming things after themselves. It’s narcissistic. But I’m not doing it for any reason other than it’s unique and I think it goes well with fashion. But why NYC?

Moving to New York City has been such a revelation. In many ways, it feels like coming home. In California, I never truly felt at home. New York is my home and I’m planting my flag!

With this new venture, I am celebrating with something fun: Walking the length of Manhattan in both directions photographing Street Style fashion! On Saturday the 3rd, join me by following me on Instagram or Twitter at @RicardoOfNYC or my new blog as well!

About the author

Ricardo Gomez is a Fashion Photographer based in New York City.

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