fashion week

New York Fashion Week craziness is over! Another season! I say with a bit of melancholy. It’s exciting. It’s fun. The people you get to meet. And a new goal has been achieved! But it can be nutty. And frustrating. The Fun I love fashion. It’s always been there. I used […]

At first, I was going to write a very deep and thoughtful article about New York Fashion Week. Then I thought differently. Much differently. The clothing industry is a big, serious and fierce industry. During the day, I work nearby many clothing businesses and employees of these monoliths are joking, […]

My previous article about New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 was a bit different than my typical blog. A political/sociological message which I sometimes can’t help. I have a brain and opinions. Second and more typical, I created a formatting snafu and accidentally created some pretty cool formatting that I wanted […]