new york

New York Fashion Week is next week! Looking forward to covering the amazing street fashion! This will be my third show I’ll be covering and it doesn’t get old! I don’t know if it’s done by the show organizers, but somehow a model or models will appear and start posing […]

At first, I was going to write a very deep and thoughtful article about New York Fashion Week. Then I thought differently. Much differently. The clothing industry is a big, serious and fierce industry. During the day, I work nearby many clothing businesses and employees of these monoliths are joking, […]

My previous article about New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 was a bit different than my typical blog. A political/sociological message which I sometimes can’t help. I have a brain and opinions. Second and more typical, I created a formatting snafu and accidentally created some pretty cool formatting that I wanted […]

In all of the work I’ve done, great customer service has been absolutely essential to my success. I didn’t really appreciate how good my skills were until I started a customer service job that really tested those skills. Moving to New York and working the same position, I didn’t notice […]