The New Years Resolutions

I’m not into New Years resolutions. I say, if you want to start something, do it now! You don’t need to wait until January 1st. Especially goals that need plenty of time to grow. Sometimes goals can be difficult to start without that extra energy and enthusiasm that exists during the New Year. I definitely feel it. Some extra enthusiasm and maybe some extra courage helps.

One of the things I’m happy about 2014¬†is my approximately 50% increase in Instagram followers. I got serious about IG this year and started learning how to use it. While I follow some friends and colleagues, I was going to be extremely picky with following anyone else. I follow people whose work I love and also seem to be good people. That matters hugely to me.

But I didn’t wait until the new year to start my Instagram work. I had started it a while ago and forgot about it. In fact, I restarted my IG account two summers ago. I was going to a free ballet performance at a park in San Francisco. I love ballet and knew I was going to take many pictures. I knew after it was done, I might have some interesting pictures to post. I posted a few and got some nice responses. Then I said to myself to post at least once a week to give Instagram a real shot. I did. Got into a rhythm and now I love it!

But there are times when I don’t. And it’s those time that matter most. I know many a great person that accomplished great things simply by being persistent and consistent. It’s not exciting. But it works. Talk to or read about anyone who has succeeded. They’ve probably failed dozens of times for every success. And each success took a long time. And how sweet that success is!

Start your goals now.

Happy New Year!

About the author

Ricardo Gomez is a Fashion Photographer based in New York City.

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